We are Zrinka and Dražen, with our dogs we make one little, happy family.
Max was the first one to walk into our lives on 16th of December 2003, beautiful boy with a big heart.
The time we spent together taught us about unconditional love between a human and dog.

Each day we learned more about this incredible breed. 
On 12th of December 2004 our dear Mona comes into our u home.
Together we explored many more things, the two of them made our view different on everything that surrounded us.
Like every story has a bad side to it, our came to fast…

On 17th of April 2006 the big, warm heart of our dearest Max stopped beating.
Next to the unending sorrow we feel great pride; he forever marked our lives, left us beautiful memories and inscribable love. I feel he gives us strength to go on and that he is still somewhere beside us.

He will forever be our only “Buco”.

     No long after Maxes loss we got the most beautiful gift from our Mona.
Five little puppies came into this world.
For us it was a beautiful experience permeated with all kinds of emotions: happiness we got from those incredible beings, from the first moment we fought with them and their mother for them to grove into real little dogs, how much we celebrated their first opened eyes, their first attempts to walk into the world, the fear if they are going to be healthy and strong some day, the sorrow when we had to say goodbye.
They all found worm, strong and dear families.
And then the coming of Sheela in September 2006 brings more joy into our family. A girl who is in her own way so special, with her knotty behaviors witch make us laugh, and with Mona und us makes our family more special.

Now we make the continuation of our life story… participate with us.  

Yours Mona, Sheela, Dražen i Zrinka